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There are places in our world where alternative and natural treatments are absolutely thriving… Places where people never seem to age, and regularly live past 100… Places where almost no one dies of cancer… Places where arthritis is unheard of, and seniors live active, energetic and disease-free lives right up to the last breaths…

And these are the places that Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D. studies to bring the latest health breakthroughs to his Nutrition & Healing subscribers. As an author of nine books on everything from thyroid disorders to back pain, Dr. Rothfeld has helped thousands of patients find lasting solutions to even the most stubborn health problems. Now you can access all these latest health discoveries each month by subscribing to Dr. Rothfeld’s Nutrition & Healing newsletter.

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Where do you go when you’re losing hope? When nothing seems to be working… when the illness and pain just get worse every day? For thousands of Americans, the answer is simple. They turn to Dr. Alan Inglis, M.D.

For two decades, patients from across America have trekked to Dr. Inglis’ renowned clinic in Western Massachusetts to get access to his groundbreaking cures. But now he is making them available to everyone… for the first time… through his Health Revelations monthly newsletter and his House Calls daily eletter.

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